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Investment project risk assessment

Investment activities of commercial companies are followed a certain level of risk always. This axiom confirmed by practice. Unfortunately, who based only intuition and luck, not deep assessment of the conditions and methods of working with negative factors, are waiting for a decrease or loss of profit and funds invested in the project. Necessary to conduct a holistic assessment of the existing and potential risks before investing into the project.

Investment project risk assessment

The risk assessment of an investment project is not the only tool for checking before making a decision of capital investment and effort, even the most promising business project can be end in failure if its founder or team members, for instance, are too conflicted. To avoid such problems, we offer a complex study of the project and its team, and predict all possible risk options.

Assessment of capital investment:

  • Analysis of behavioral singularity of the team or key participants.
  • Verification of reliability and compliance with positions
  • Hierarchy analysis and estimation of the project leader (formal and informal).
  • Examination and identify the communication problems in the team.
  • Review the business reputation of the project team members.
  • Screening negative and compromising information.

One of the most important stages of evaluation the effective investment project is the choice and use of risk assessment methods. The purpose of methods is to determine the possible extent of the consequences of risk. Each of the current existing methods of risk analysis and assessment has its own scope and procedures, which mainly determine the capabilities of the method.