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Business reputation protection

Personal dignity, honor and good name, as well as business reputation are among the intangible benefits belonging to a citizen, which are inalienable and inalienable in any other way. The specialists of our company have experience in protecting honor, dignity and business reputation in court, including the recovery of compensation, and are ready to represent your interests at any stage of the dispute.

Business reputation protection

Before starting work, it is necessary to decide what actions will defame the honor, dignity and business reputation of a citizen or business.

We highlight the following illegal actions of the offender:

  • Publishing false information in the press, in public speeches or statements
  • Distribution of false information on the Internet
  • Statement of false information in the service characteristics
  • Other oral or written dissemination of false information among citizens or businesses

It should be remembered that the dissemination of information will be considered a violation only if the distributor does not have evidence to support the disseminated information.