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Corporate investigations

It is not a secret that corporate fraud, disclosure of commercial secrets, theft of the products or property of the company is a cause of catastrophic financial damage to the business. A corporate investigation is a complex of activities aimed to establish the circumstances of the interest events, their causes, as well as the cause-and-effect relationship with the consequences.

Corporate investigations

The purpose of corporate investigations is to understand the true picture of events and identify all the factors that influence to the situation. We also detect all people who took part and develop an algorithm to prevent a repeat of this situation in the future. The fight against the corporate crimes is an effective measure for expose, suppressing and investigating fraud and frauds in the business.

Our company has big experience in conducting internal investigations of various scales and guarantees a professional approach and complete confidentiality of the activities performed.

We investigate:

  • Losing facts of company property
  • Leakage commercial information
  • Facts of theft and misuse by employees
  • Facts of commercial bribery of employees
  • Facts of unfair competition
  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Facts of extortion, blackmail, and threats against the employees, management, or business owners
  • Fraudulent activities by partners
  • Non-fulfillment of obligations assumed by partners
  • Common crimes occurred with employees of the company and their property, as well as on the territory of the company
  • Crimes in the area of high technologies causing damage to the company
  • Spread the information discrediting the business reputation of the company and employees
  • Facts of espionage by competitors and their suppression
  • Facts of bribery and other irregularities in the tendering process
  • Other events and facts relevant to the customer's business